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The Worker's Compensation COACH
▪ Referral to a Medical Provider
▪ First Report of Injury
▪ Initial Investigation

Second Injury Fund Programs
▪ Employer Based Programs
▪ SIF Claims Management
▪ SIF Disputed Claims Management
▪ Reinbursement Collection Services

Multiple Line Insurance Investigations
▪ Jones Act
▪ General Maritime
▪ Longshore and Harbor Workers
▪ State Workers Compensation
▪ Commercial General Liability
▪ Trucking and Commercial Auto

Litigation Management
Risk Control Programs for Small Employers
Catastrophic Injury Management
Old Dog Resolution Management
RiskSCORE - Work Place Safety
Protecting Your Experience Modifier
Setting Up Your Drug Testing Program

Medical Management Services
▪ Medical Case Management
▪ Medical Set-Asiders (MSA)
▪ Medical Only Claims Management
▪ Medical Bills Negotiations
▪ Medical Bill Review

Guest Speaker - Safety Talks
Guest Speaker - Risk Control
Guest Speaker - Investigations
Pre Underwriting Inspections
Post Underwriting Inspections

Quality Control Claims Management Audits

        Managing the Human Side of Risk
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What is a "RiskSAVER" - One of man's first RiskSAVER's was the lighthouse ...

While the lighthouse is an ancient risk management tool, RiskSAVER applies these same risk management principles to modern risk management behavior. Purchasing insurance saves the insured from the risk of the exposure insured against, setting up a drug testing program at work can save the employer from the risk of loss caused by unsafe behavior, starting a Second Injury Fund program protects the employer from the risk of an adverse or high risk hire, pre and post underwriting inspection can save the underwriter from adverse risk selection, investigating a claim protects the underwriter from risk of bad financial decision making based on a lack of relevant or accurate loss information.

The expertise that RiskSAVER has gained over thirty-five years is available to employers and insurers from our seasoned managers and skilled specialists. By investigating claims expediently and cost effectively, RiskSAVER has saved its' clients millions of dollars in potential claim losses. The more involved we can be in the case from the onset the better the potential outcome. Workers Compensation, Commercial Automotive, and General Liability Accident Investigation Services can be provided on retainer or a time and expense basis.

In tuff financial times, RiskSAVER can be the difference between success and failure....

RiskSAVER is dedicated to the task of controlling and reducing the effect of risk on human behavior and controlling the costs of uncertainty associated with loss.



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