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RiskSAVER now offers employers a Coach; someone with years of experience in handling work place injury claims. By managing a workers' compensation injury expediently from the start, RiskSAVER has saved its' clients from millions of dollars in potential losses. By involving a workers' compensation "Coach" from the onset you will ensure that your employee's injury claim is handled correctly from the initial injury report through the initial doctor's visit(s). Our goal as your "Coach" is to provide the immediate professional help you need when an employee reports an injury. Our workers' compensation specialists are standing by to "Coach" you and your staff through the initial injury handling process. This is a low cost consulting programming designed to help you protect your experience modifier.

Who is the Head Coach?

Mr. Kern is a licensed comprehensive independent insurance adjuster with 30 years of workers compensation experience. He provides Risk Management consulting services to a number of large organizations and is a Certified Workers’ Compensation Professional (CWCP) 

How does the program work? 

1.      Employers must sign up for the service in advance. 


2.       Once you sign up with “The Coach” you get a membership card with instructions on the five things you should do when an injury occurs … 


3.      When you call the coach with a new injury we help you get the injured worker to a recommended medical provider.


4.      We call the medical  provider and made the initial referral for examination


5.      We get the initial medical report, a disability slip with work restriction, and the provider’s bill…

6.      If you have a written post accident drug testing policy we order the appropriate drug test                                                                             

7.     We take a brief phone statement from the injured worker and collect the information necessary for completion of a “First Report of Injury”.

8.  We confirm that the injury meets the three basic tests for the payment of workers compensation benefits

9.  We audit the medical bills and reduce them to the Louisiana Medical Fee schedule and send them to you for payment.

10.  We monitor the initial medical treatment(s), duty status, work restrictions and keep you informed.

11.  We advise you about reporting the claim to your workers compensation insurer and give you the information necessary to turn in a full report to your insurer. 

12.   As the employer, you have access to the injured worker’s file on TVC (The Virtual Casefile), this allows you stay informed and to oversee the handling of the injury claim.

Call RiskSAVER to set up a free initial consultation with the Coach and take control of your workers compensation costs. 


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