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What is a "RiskSAVER" - One of Man's First RiskSAVER's was the lighthouse...

The lighthouse is an ancient risk management tool. RiskSAVER applies this same risk management principle to modern risk management. For example, purchasing insurance saves the Insured from the risk of a covered loss. Setting up a drug-testing program at work can save the employer from the risk of loss caused by this unsafe behavior. A Second Injury Fund program protects the employer from the potential of loss from a high-risk hire. Pre and post-underwriting inspections can save the underwriter from adverse risk selection. Finally, investigating a claim protects the employer and carrier from a lack of relevant or accurate loss information.

Our seasoned managers and skilled specialists apply over thirty-five years of experience to our daily practice. As a result, RiskSAVER has saved its clients millions of dollars in potential claim losses by investigating claims expediently and cost-effectively. The more involved we can be in the case from the onset, the better the possible outcome. RiskSAVER can provide investigation services in the areas of Workers’ Compensation, Commercial Automotive, and General Liability. RiskSAVER is dedicated to controlling and reducing the costs associated with the Risk of Human Behavior

In tough financial times, RiskSAVER can be the difference between success and failure….



The RiskSAVER Mission

RiskSAVER’s mission starts with the simple assumption that management gets back from its workforce what it sews. When given the proper tools, information, and training, humans can and will achieve greatness. And a slight change in management behavior can trigger significant differences in outcome.


As humans, we bring both value and risk to the workplace. Because of this, RiskSAVER’s goal is to help our clients control the Human Side of Risk. As a result, we enhance the value and productivity of the worker, create a safer workplace, and eliminate the significant risk factors associated with adverse human behavior.


At RiskSAVER, when an accident and injury occurs, we strive to provide fair, honest, and professional claims investigation and risk management interventions designed to control our client’s exposure while identifying and managing the particular needs of the injured person.


Our goal is to bring resolution to the Chaos of Risk and Human Loss.

Meet Our Team

We bring our 30+ years of claims handling experience to every case we work. This understanding allows for a greater chance to reduce exposure, identify potential recovery opportunities, and resolve claims effectively. 

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